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About Neornat

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NEORNAT Inc. is a specialized RNA anti-cancer therapeutics developing company that discovers first-in-class targets through RNA functional research and in vitro & in vivo verification studies, and conducts clinical development with NEORAT's own RNA treatment strategies.

For a long time, RNA has been attracting attention only for its role in transcribing proteins based on genomic DNA sequences, but recently, it has been reported that numerous non-coding RNAs have a pivotal roles on the transcription and translation of functional genes in cells. NEORNAT aims to become a leading company in the development of RNA therapeutics that selectively target RNA or RNA regulatory factors contributing diseases, particularly cancer, with high-level research as the source technology. The main pipelines are first-in-class RNA targets including macrophage immune-checkpoint inhibitor, oncogenic super enhancer, long non-coding RNA (lncRNAs), and DNA repair enzymes. In addition, NEORNAT discovered multiple biomarkers for early diagnosis of liver cancer for the first time in the world, and raised the diagnostic accuracy to 100% level by utilizing multi-marker analysis. In the future, a new liver cancer diagnosis kit that can accurately diagnose early liver cancer at the pre-cancerous stage level will be developed through clinical verification experiments.

With these efforts and achievements, NEORNAT Inc. promises to contribute to human health and quality of life.

prof. Suk Woo Nam. PhD

Company Identity

NEORNAT Inc. develops first-in-class anti-cancer RNA drugs targeting functional RNAs and their specific regulators in cancer.

네오나 네오나
Neo (The New)
RNA + T (Therapy)
  • The New RNA Therapeutics Company
  • First-in-Class Target Therapeutics



  • 12

    NEORNAT, Co., Ltd. completes investment attraction from Korea Technology Finance Corporation

  • 12

    NEORNAT Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with Liberi Group, a global consulting company, to transfer overseas technology and promote multinational joint development of NEORNAT's major assets.

  • 11

    Visit and inspection of WuxiAppTech, Neona Co., Ltd.’s IND carrying out CDMO agency

  • 07

    Signed a joint R&D agreement with Neona Co., Ltd. and Ceratgen Co., Ltd. for 'RNA-based liver cancer immunotherapy'

  • 05

    [Korea Angel Investment Association] Selected as a TIPS startup commercialization support project (US$ 80,000)

  • 04

    NEORNAT Co., Ltd. presents NRT-YHD_001 pipeline non-clinical results at the 2023 AACR at Florida, Olando, USA

  • 04

    National New Drug Development Agency, KDDF] New drug development project (non-clinical development part) final selection (support size, US$1.6 million ( / 2 years)
    Macrophage activity-based liver cancer RNA immunotherapy NRT-YHD_001 IND Package completion and approval goal

  • 02

    Signed a business agreement for IND approval of RNA-based anti-cancer drug NRT-YHD_001 with AIMSBiosciences Co., Ltd.


  • 11

    Selected as Korea Angel Investment TIPS

  • 09

    Established NEORNAT affiliated R&D Center (2F, 47-3, Banpo-daero 39-gil, Seocho-gu, seoul, 06579 Korea )

  • 06

    Steintech Bio Season 1, Final Round Top 5 Selection and Best Company Selection

  • 03

    Completed pre-round Series A investment

  • 02

    Signed an MOU with Labgenomic for research and development of RNA-based anti-cancer drugs


  • 12

    Catholic University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation- NEORNAT Inc. transfers 3 technologies for new drug development

  • 12

    NEORAT - AlgokBio signed an agreement to be the preferred bidder for liver cancer drug development

  • 07

    Selected as Korea Angel Investment TIPS

  • 04

    Selected as a 3-year project for the disease-centered translational research project

  • 01

    Shinhan Capital Investment Attraction


  • 11

    Catholic University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation - Completed technology transfer for 4 cases of NEORNAT Inc.

  • 10

    Selected as K-BIC STAR (New drug development start-up company, Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency)

  • 09

    Completed attracting angel investment
    Established NEORNAT Inc.


Founder, CEO & CTO Suk Woo Nam

  • Professor, Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea (present)
  • Director of Functional Rnomics Research Center, Catholic University of Korea (present)
  • President, Basic Professors Association of College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea (Present)
  • Sungkyunkwan University Department of Pharmacy, Master of Pharmacy, Doctor of Pharmacy
  • Post-doctoral Fellow, Lab of Pathology, NCI, NIH, USA
  • Senior Scientist, Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore
  • Published more than 254 SCI papers, and 28 patent applications and registrations
  • Korea National Academy of Medicine Award for Basic Medicine (Pfizer Medical Award), 2014
  • Minister of Health and Welfare Award, 2015
  • Minister of Environment Award, 2013
  • Served as a judge for the Ho-Am Award for Medicine
  • Served as a judge for KOSDAQ technology special listing (RNA new drug part)

Director, NEORNAT Research Center Sungpil Yoon, Ph.D.

  • Adjunct Research Professor, Functional Transcriptomics Research Center, The Catholic University of Korea (current)
  • Ph.D., Wayne State University, USA
  • Post-doctoral Fellow, NICHD, NIH, USA
  • Senior Researcher, National Cancer Center
  • Research Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, College of Pharmacy
  • Published more than 80 SCI(E) papers, and 10 patent applications and registrations
  • Research & Development Specialist in Anticancer Drug Combination-Therapy with Drug Repositioning
  • Research & Development Specialist in Targeting Drug-Resistant or Poor Prognosis Cancer
  • Research Specialist in Transcriptional Regulation Mechanisms

Head of Nonclinical Development Sang Yean Kim

  • Team leader : non-clinical development of new drug candidates department (current)
  • Ph.D., College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea
  • Major in Tumor Biology
  • Major in RNA Cancer Biology
  • Major in Targeted-RNA therapy Development
  • 7 SCI articles including Oncogene and 3 patent applications
  • Modified mouse lung cancer analysis expert
  • Responsible for the development of Macrophage RNA Immunotherapy
  • Responsible for research and development of siRNA mix therapeutics
  • Responsible for GLP-Tox and PK/PD assessment

Head of active and lead material development Min Jeong Na

  • Team leader: new drug effective and leading substance development & verification department (current)
  • Ph.D., College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea
  • Major in Tumor Biology
  • Major in DNA Repair & Cancer Biology
  • Major in RNA Variation & Cancer
  • 4 SCI articles including Experimental Molecular Medicine and 3 patent applications
  • Real-time mouse liver cancer image analysis expert
  • Responsible for the development of novel DNA repair enzyme-targeted therapy
  • Responsible for non-clinical efficacy evaluation

Head of early cancer diagnosis development Jung Hwan Yoon

  • Team leader: digestive cancer RNA drug development (current)
  • Ph.D., College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea
  • Major in Tumor Biology
  • Experience in the early diagnosis and development of gastric cancer
  • 50 SCI articles including Cancer Commun and 13 patent applications
  • Gastric cancer early diagnosis kit development expert
  • Specialist in the development of anticancer drugs targeting gastric cancer carcinogenesis
  • Head of gastric cancer drug effective and lead material development and verification research



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  • cellArtgen
  • BioNeer
  • 위 특허법률사무소
  • 법무법인 디라이트


  • WuXi AppTec
  • Debiopharm
  • algokbio

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    #5104, Catholic Omnibus Park Building A, The Catholic Univ. of Korea Banpo-daero 222, Secho-gu, Seoul (06591)

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Research Center

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    2F, 47-3, Banpo-daero 39-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul (06579)

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